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Utility Industry

Urn Consulting, Inc provides professional engineering and consulting services to the Utility industry in the field of telecommunications. Our Engineers and Professionals provide detail engineering, design, planning and construction management for the deployment of communications systems to support Power System Generation, Distribution and Operation.  


   Need Analysis and Feasibility Studies

   Substation Communications Systems

   Substation Security and Alarms Systems

   Communications Systems for Co-gens

   Telemetry, SCADA and RTU

   Direct Transfer Trip

   DC Power Plant with Battery Backups

   Fiber Optic Backbone Infrastructure

   Campus Copper Backbone Infrastructure

   System Protection Control Relay Communications System

   Wireless Point to Point, Point to Multipoint

   Terrestrial Microwave (Digital/SONET)

   SONET Metropolitan Area Network


   Stratum and GPS Timing


   Complete Audio Video Systems for Conference Rooms


Telecommunications Industry


Urn Consulting, Inc provides Engineering, Furnish and Install for various high profile customers in their deployment of Metropolitan Area Networks, Secured/Classified High Capacity circuits to Federal Government Agencies and Cross–Country Fiber Optic Backbone Networks.

Transportation Industry


Urn Consulting, Inc provides Consulting, Engineering, Furnish and Install for the Transportation Industry for the deployment of Intelligent Transportation System.


Typical projects involve the installation of a complete fiber backbone with OC-1, OC-3 fiber backbone and distributed low speed communications links to individual traffic controllers (170/390/2070) at each intersection. The projects also involved CCTV cameras, Traffic Operation Centers with Complete Audio/Video Systems, Emergency vehicle pre-emption, and configurations of central database on VME Master.


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